QTS Contact Information

Quality Tank Solutions currently has two locations. Corporate office is located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Quality Tank Solutions, MFG is located in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Please see all of our contact information below!

Corporate Office:

Quality Tank Solutions, LLC

652 Armour Rd.
Oconomowoc, WI 53066  Office: (262) 361-4252 Fax: (262) 264-7631

OFFICE HOURS: Mon-Fri 8 am to 5 pm

-Jimmi-Jean Sukys (Owner)

Cell: (262) 720-9470 Desk: (262) 264-6407 email: jimmi@qts4u.com

-Chad Sprinkman (VP Sales)

Cell: (262) 720-6313 Desk: (262) 264-7615 email: chad@qts4u.com

-Chriz Selke (Sales)

Cell: (920) 248-1384 Desk: (262) 361-4252 email: chriz@qts4u.com

-Paul Arnold (Sales)

Cell: (262) 443-5824  email: paul@qts4u.com

-Nicole Sukys (Controller)

Cell: (262) 951-8667 Desk: (262) 361-4252 email: nicole@qts4u.com

-Zack Sukys (Purchasing Manager)

Cell: (262) 719-4565 Desk: (262) 264-7617 email: zack@qts4u.com

-Tom Heimsch (Purchasing Assistant)

Desk: (262) 264-6332 email: tomh@qts4u.com

-Tim Moore (Engineering Manager)

Cell: (262) 336-4096 email: timm@qts4u.com

-Andrew Yets (Mechanical Design)

Desk: (262) 264-6850 email: andrew@qts4u.com

-Rameen Mohsenian (Mechanical Design)

Desk: (262)-465-8265 email: rameen@qts4u.com

-Jay Petter (Project Manager/CWI)

Desk: (262) 264-7624 email: jay@qts4u.com

-Ann Brantman (Office Admin)

Desk: (262) 264-6332 email: ann@qts4u.com

-Morgan Petter (Human Resources)

Desk: (262)-264-7623 email: morgan@qts4u.com



Quality Tank Solutions, MFG

2113 S. Nikolai Ave (Suite A)

Marshfield, WI 54449

-Tony Delpho (Shop Manager)

Cell: (262) 336-4095 email: tony@qts4u.com

-Tom Van Der Leest (Shop Manager)

Cell: (262) 336-4094 email: tom@qts4u.com

-Fred Riedel (Office/Support Staff)

Desk: (262) 264-7626 email: fred@qts4u.com

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Contact Information

Corporate Office:

Quality Tank Solutions, LLC

652 Armour Rd.

Oconomowoc, WI 53066

Office: 262-361-4252

Fax: 262-264-7631


Jimmi-Jean Sukys

(262) 720-9470



Chad Sprinkman

(262) 720-6313




Quality Tank Solutions, MFG

2113 S. Nikolai Ave

Marshfield, WI 54449


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