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QTS 30BBL Brewhouse

        QTS offers full and complete turnkey 2-4 Vessel Brewhouses ranging from 3-1/2BBL to 100BBL in size! We help you design, create and install your dream Brewhouse from start to finish no matter if your starting from scratch or expanding. We will help you through the process of choosing the right components to configure the right system for your application and desired outcome. 



We don't stop there, as we also supply all Brewhouse equipment such as:

Boilers, Chillers, Heat Exchangers, Calandria's, Grain Handling, Keg Washers, Bottling Lines and more!


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    QTS Mash Mixer / Mash Lauter Tun Tanks

Our mash tanks are offered as standalone mash tanks and or mash/lauter tun combination vessels. The mash tank is essentially where the first step of the brewing process begins. This is where the milled grain meets with water to kick start the brewing process. The next step of the process takes place in the lauter tun. The lautering process is where the liquid gets separated from the grain generally in a vessel with a false bottom. Our Lauter Tun vessels utilize a tight tolerance wedge wire screen fit precisely at the bottom of the vessel with the proper reinforcement to eliminate the screen from bending under a heavy mash bed. Our tight tolerance minimizes excess grains from getting past the screen. Our mash / mashlauter tun tanks come complete with gear drive and agitation based on the size of the vessel. Below are a few examples of our agitation:

     QTS Brew Kettle / Whirlpool / Calandria

After the mash tun, next is the Brew Kettle. This is where the wort gets brought up to boiling temperatures while the brew master adds special hops to add bitterness and aromatics to the beer. QTS brew kettles can come outfitted with features such as: glass top manway, tank light, thermowell, china hat, baffles, CIP etc. We can also offer our own vent stack installation for our brew kettles made from stainless steel schedule pipe which with DMS drain/removal. Our brew kettles offer a steam driven Omega heat transfer surface jacket to allow precise boiling to eliminate over boiling. Our jackets are designed to allow our customers to find that perfect "rolling boil". Custom QTS Calandria's are also offered to acheive boiling temperatures versus the use of the heat transfer surface jacket. Our Calandria's are a cylindrical shell and tube design custom sized to meet the requirements of your specific brewhouse. 

          After the boiling process, next comes the whirlpool. Depending on the size of your brewhouse, you may choose to have a combination brew kettle / whirlpool vessel or two separate vessels. The point of the whirlpool vessel is to remove the solid particles or "trub" from the wort. This is done by the "whirling" process which generally catches all of those particles at the bottom of the tank. Our whirlpool vessels come with tangential inlet(s), shallow cone bottoms and baffles to achieve this process. 

Find examples of QTS Brew Kettles/ Whirlpool Vessles and Calandrias below!

                QTS Hot / Cold Liquor Tanks

Quality Tank Solutions Hot and Cold Liquor tanks are sized based on the size of the brewhouse as well as other uses/needs may factor in the correct size you need. Our HLT/CLT tanks come with options such as: customer specified inlet/outlet ports, anti-siphon inlet, overflow, mushroom style vent, top entry manway, F&D heads or flat flanged heads, visual sight gauge, heat transfer surface jacket, immersion heaters and more! Made from 304 or 316L Stainless Steel with finish options available. Take a look below at a few examples of some QTS Hot / Cold Liquor Tanks!

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