QTS - Cellar Tanks

      Our Cellar Tanks are manufactured right here in Wisconsin. Completely customizable, we build them to your specs. Dislike how your current tanks have ports in hard to get to spots? We give our customers the customization and flexibility to locate ports where they WANT them and what makes the most sense in their particular application. We can accommodate specific details and restrictions you may have to insure our tanks will be the right ones for you! All of our tanks are built with high standards; driven by precision, quality, and pride. 

                    QTS - Fermentation Tanks

          QTS Fermentation tanks start with the bottom cone which offers a unique design. First, our cones are formed and made right here in our shop. We use a knuckled cone design which allows greater overall strength between the bottom cone and the shell. This design also adds to cleanablity to that joint which makes our fermentation vessel bottom cone design stand out amongst other fermentation vessels you may find. We utilize the function and precision of Omega laser welded heat transfer surface jackets to allow our tanks to function well while maintaining temperature or crashing the tank. Made to our customer's specifications, our tanks are designed strictly with the customer's needs in mind! Fitted with standard options such as: flanged and dished top head, insulated/jacketed, top, bottom or side entry manway, PRV, CIP, racking arm, custom blow-down assemblies, genuine Perlick sample valves...plus more! Made from 304 or 316L Stainless Steel with solid reinforced legs with adjustable feet. We can offer you a 2B or #4 Polished finish, any options are available per request! If your not sure which options you may need or want, please dont hesiate to contact us! We will help you design the right tank for your application!

                       QTS - Horizontal Tanks

           QTS - Outdoor Fermentation Tanks

          QTS also offers outdoor fermenters. Based off the standard design of our fermentation vessel, our outdoor vessels feature other options such as: ladder and cage enclosures, safety rings, heat trace, walk-in access doors and more! Below is a few examples of some QTS outdoor fermenters!

                             QTS - Brite Tanks

         Our Brite Tanks are fitted with all the options you may want or need with many options available upon request. Made from 304 or 316L Stainless Steel with material finish options along with other features such as: flanged and dished top and bottom heads, solid reinforced legs with adjustable feet, jacketed and insulated, heat transfer surface jacket(s), pressure rated vessels, CIP, PRV, genuine Perlick sample valve, racking arm, top or side entry manway, Zahm and Nagel carb stone, custom blowdown assemblies...and more! Fully customizable and built per your specs. We work directly with you to build the right tank for your applicationa and can work around height/building restrictions to get you the tank that you need! Below are a few examples of QTS Brite tanks. 

                           Ahead of the Game 

        QTS uses genuine Lechler whirly spray devices for CIP in all of our cellar tanks and has been for several years. With our history and experience in the sanitary and CIP world, we quickly switched over to this sprayball (over the static sprayball) when we first started to give our customers better value with a better functioning CIP in their tank. This provides a huge advantage over the traditional static spray ball for many reasons. Click HERE for more info on the Lechler whirly sprayball.  Due to the design of the Lechler whirling spray balls, they provide tremendous cleaning power over a traditional static sprayball by creating a cascading effect inside the tank to cut down on your CIP cycle time. This in turn saves in water consumption and also chemicals needed to run your CIP cycles not to mention a time savings so you are able to fill that tank back up with beer! 

Besides the Lechler spray devices, we also supply other genuine quality items such as "Perlick" sample valves, "Zahm & Nagel" carbonation stones and "Definox" PRVs. This is a great advantage for us over other manufacturers who supply knock off brands to these items that mater the most. Perlick is staple in the industry and is the preferred sample valve for most brewer's in the industry, so we put them on every one of our tanks and go through several hundreds of them per year! Same goes for the Zahm & Nagel carbonation stones. They have been around for a very long time and are a well-known and respected name in the industry for the best performing and quality carbonation stones. Definox has a great name in the industry and is known for valving solutions. We use Definox 2.0" T/C Vacuum/Pressure Relief Valves on our tanks along with other great Defionx products.

We are constantly evolving here at QTS and so we have made standards to equip our cellar tanks with accessories that will provide our customers with great long lasting and functioning tanks. 

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